Ilyo Taekwondo Club
Old Borough National School, Church Road, Swords, Co.Dublin.
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                                          About Us


Ilyo Taekwondo Club is a local based club in Swords Co. Dublin. The WTF Taekwondo Club was was set up by Paul Sheridan who is a Native of Swords. Paul began his martial arts career at the age of 9 doing several martial arts until he tried out in Brackenstown Taekwondo Club a Irish Counties Taekwondo Union club ran by Master Raymond Cullen. 

The club has gone through many changes over the years different venues and students: but Paul has always tried to push the clubs students to Excel in whatever they put their mind too. The club is a very community based club offering free trial classes, helping out with specifics community schemes i.e. Youth Projects or disadvantaged students in the Fingal area. The club is a very family oriented club too with most of its students coming from several families 

Please  see details below of Paul's achievements. More information can be seen in the Student profiles which will be on display in the side bar shortly  


Black belt Grading. Paul Sheridan being awarded his third degree by Master Robert Kenny and previous ITU President Master Jason Martin.

Taekwondo C.V. Paul Sheridan 3rd Degree Black Belt WTF

1992: Started Taekwondo in Brackenstown Taekwondo Club at 12 years Old.  Instructor Master Raymond Cullen.

1995: Attained my 1st Dan at age 15 years old and did a combination of WTF Taekwondo

 1997: 17 attained 2nd Dan under Master Cullen

 2000: Attained 3rd dan from Master Cullen in 2000.

 2001: Took over Brackenstown Tkd Club after Ray retired and rebranded the club Ilyo Taekwondo Club & have built the club up from 15 students to 40 students of all ages

 2002: Joined the Irish Taekwondo Union as a provisional member

 2003: Moved to St Colmcilles GAA Club in Balheary Swords Co. Dublin

 2005: May WTF 1st Dan Grading Korean official Kukiwon Test

 2006 : Assimilated by the NCTC (Coaching Ireland) Level 2 ITU WTF Coach

 2007: Set up the Fingal Open Competition and ran in conjunction with the ITU

 2007: December officially awarded WTF 2nd Dan Grading Korean official Kukiwon Testing

2008: Moved to our current premises  Old Borough National School Church Road Swords Co. Dublin

2008: Completed Level 2 Referee course for Corner Judge & Centre referee nationally

2009: May officially awarded WTF 3rd Dan Grading Korean official Kukiwon Testing

2010: Awarded Taekwondo Tutor Level 2 in Coaching Development Programme ran by Coaching Ireland

 2011: Officially became Training Officer for the ITU

2012: Tournament Coordinator of the Irish Taekwondo Union : National Championships

2013: Certified Kukkiwon International Instructor 

2014: Open Ilyo Taekwondo Club - Applewood Class 

2015: Club Competes in the Ilyo Open Belgium International Competition and wins pee wee male team even

2016: Club competes in all local competition and is registered for 2 overseas events